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Blue Monday

16 January 2023by Nathan McEwan-Cook

Blue Monday

Ever heard of the January blues? 16th January is referred to as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year due to post-holiday blues, cold weather and the added pressure to stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Job search

For those looking for a new career challenge, the repetitiveness of applying for jobs can be particularly difficult. You may have added pressure which in turn makes any rejections harder, however, don’t allow this to hinder your search. For every no you may experience, you are one step closer to your final yes.

Looking for a new job can be a full-time role. Life can get hectic, so finding the time to look for a new role can be difficult. This is what we are here for. Here at ESD Recruitment, we understand the difficulties of finding a new role along with managing a demanding life. We, therefore, work alongside you to match your CV to roles you would be suitable for. That way you can concentrate on looking after yourself and preparing for interviews.

Overall, Blue Monday is challenging for everyone, let alone those who have the added pressure of finding a new role. Remember to stay motivated, take care of yourself and reach out to us to assist you. As recruitment experts, we can identify key skills that match you to the perfect role. Persistence and a positive attitude foreshadow a positive outcome.

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