Finding the best candidate for white collar construction.

Finding the best candidates for your white collar construction role.

23 February 2023by Nathan McEwan-Cook

Finding the best candidates for your white collar construction role.

Finding the best candidates for your white collar construction role.

Recruiting the right individual to fill white-collar construction jobs can be challenging. With our detailed guide on how ESD Recruitment can implement recruitment strategies to assist you to fill your role.

Defining your job requirements

Before the search for your ideal candidate starts, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is required in this role. With expert industry knowledge, ESD Recruitment is able to take your job brief and identify qualifications each candidate must poses in order to be successful within the role. Understanding the job’s long-term requirements is also essential to ensure the candidate’s long-term career goals align.

Know where to search

One of the main benefits working with ESD Recruitment for your white collar construction role is our existing candidate database. This not only streamlines the recruitment process but ensures only relevant and quality candidates are presented to clients. Our recruiters are continuously building upon this database with industry-leading candidates.

Craft an Inviting Job Ad

Once we understand your job requirements and company culture, our recruiters will advertise the job across job boards and relevant social media such as Linked In. Within today’s society, candidates are not just reading job specifications but also company benefits that are included. We ensure all relevant information is advertised to attract the best candidates for your role.

Be Creative

It never hurts to think outside the box when looking for candidates. Implementing not only traditional recruitment methods, but our recruiters are continuously improving upon processes whilst also inventing new ones.

Optimising the interview process

We understand that within the construction industry time is of the essence. This however does not mean that quality must suffer. Candidates are thoroughly screened for relevant experience, qualifications and culture fit for your business. Once this process has been implemented, your dedicated recruiter will present the best-fitting candidates to you. It is good to have a flexible approach when speaking to candidates, and not a “one size fits all” approach.

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