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London Recruitment

London Recruitment

To succeed in the competitive and ever-changing job market of London, it’s essential to source reliable recruitment advice. This guide offers insight into how to find a construction job in London with some helpful tips and tricks.

Understand the job market

It’s important to understand the job market in London and be aware of the fluctuations in demand for various construction roles. Keeping in contact with recruiters is a good way to be aware of new roles in and around London. Once you have worked on sites within London, you will have a general understanding of what is required, and how often work is available.


Working within London comes with more complications than working outside the M25. This is due to London being a high-traffic city, meaning you may need extra training before being able to work within the city. ESD Recruitment can supply you with the relevant information and requirements for each site you will be attending, ensuring you are fully aware of what is expected. We are also able to offer advice on what relevant training you may want to look further into.

First Impressions

London may seem a large place, but within the construction industry, everyone knows everyone. When working on-site it is essential to make a good impression and get on with your colleagues. Clients tend to recognise hard workers and feedback to agencies, improving the likelihood of being hired again.

Job Boards

Looking on job boards such as indeed, monster and even social media can help you find your next construction role in London. Facebook has a multitude of groups where new job opportunities are posted, whilst official job boards such as indeed enable you to type keywords in and filter by location.