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Looking for a tyre fitter job?

Looking for a tyre fitter job?

You may have seen our job advertisement hiring for a tyre fitter. Due to high demand, we thought it would be good to write up some helpful tips and tricks for those looking for a tyre fitter job.

Understand what tyre fitters do.

Tyre fitters typically work closely with customers, assisting them to find the right type and size tyre for their vehicles, as well as ensuring they are correctly fitted. Having knowledge of tyre repair and the replacement process, the ability to diagnose common tyre problems and familiarity with safety requirements are all essential within this role.

Customer Service

Having strong customer service skills is instrumental in this role, as you will be assisting customers in finding suitable replacements and ensuring they are safe to use. You will have the ability to remain calm and confident addressing customer questions and queries as some may not know what they need or want.

Mechanical knowledge and ability

This point is obvious but having mechanical knowledge is essential for this role. You will need to know your way around all components of a tyre, including the anatomy, pressure and tread depth and safety requirements to assess customers’ requirements and provide relevant recommendations and solutions. You will also need to have the ability to use diagnostic tools and electronic equipment related to fitting tyres.

Attention to detail

A tyre fitter should always be attentive and pay close attention to each tyre they are working on as it is easy to make small mistakes that can have big consequences. Being mindful of all the details when inspecting, repairing, and fitting tyres is key to offering a high-quality service to clients. A tyre fitter must keep a track record of work done and follow any health and safety regulations required.

Remain calm under pressure

It’s not uncommon for tyre fitters to experience challenging situations at times, such as reaching tight deadlines or working in difficult customer service situations. Remaining calm under pressure is essential to working swiftly whilst remaining vigilant to close details.

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