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New Year, New Role

5 January 2023by Nathan McEwan-Cook

Is January the best time to start looking for a new role?

Many workers in the UK feel deflated when returning to work after the festive break. With January being the month to start new year resolutions, be they health, personal or even work-related, is this the best time to look for another role?

For many companies, the beginning of the year involves analysing strategies, reviewing budgets, and securing pipelines of work. This tends to be when hiring managers are introducing new roles within their companies.


January tends to be one (if not the only) time in the year when important decision-makers of the business come together in one place. This means you are likely to hear the outcome of your interview quicker, so no waiting by the phone all day! Just remember, the first week of January

Christmas Bonus

Some companies pay their employees an annual bonus at the year. This can result in some waiting till January to move jobs, creating more vacancies to be filled!


For most companies, January doesn’t contain many deadlines, meaning they have the time to review CV’s. On average it takes hiring managers and recruiters 6-8 seconds to decide on your CV, so make sure your CV is up to date!

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