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Top tips for your first day in construction.

17 November 2022by Nathan McEwan-Cook

ESD Construction Recruitment give you our top tips for your first day in the construction industry.

Starting your career in the construction industry can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Take a look at our top tips for your first day!


Find out beforehand what you are required to wear. Correct PPE is essential for all sites you will be attending, although may vary from job to job. Typically, PPE includes safety boots, a hard hat and a hi-vis. Your company may provide these, however, it is best to have these on hand ready for any site. We would recommend wearing clothes that are both durable and comfortable. Remember, you will be doing plenty of physical work, so don’t wear your best t-shirt!

Social and get-to-know co-workers

Be social! It can be intimidating your first time on site, but everyone has been there once. Get to know your team, whom you’re working with and their role. However, be sure to get the job done in between getting to know whom you’re working with!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Although you are expected to have some knowledge, no one is expecting you to know everything. Your first time on a site is the best time to soak in all the tips and tricks others have.

Some people say “fake it till you make it”, however, this will not work in the construction industry. You could potentially put yourself or others at risk, so if you are unsure simply ask and learn.

Put safety first

On-site safety will always be a priority of site managers.  Always be aware of your surroundings to stay out of harm’s way. You will have an on-site safety orientation, so if you have any questions this will be the best time to ask.

Bring lunch and drink plenty of water

Always think ahead and bring lunch and water with you. Your site may not be close to local amenities, so it’s best to plan for all situations. As you will be doing physical work it’s important to not get dehydrated, so take plenty of water with you.

Make yourself useful

Your first time on a site is the best time to make an impression. If you find yourself standing around find something to do! People in the construction industry tend to recommend others, so once you have made a good impression you are likely to be recommended for other jobs.

Don’t underestimate the job

Take each day is it comes. It is important to not be overconfident in your skills, as working on-site is different to learning. It can be high pressure, however the rewards make the industry worth it.

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