Why you should work in the construction industry.

Why you should work in the construction industry.

21 November 2022by Nathan McEwan-Cook

The construction industry is huge in the UK, worth an estimated £160 billion annually.

As the UK’s population increases, so does the demand for the construction of new buildings, offices, houses and infrastructure. Not to mention the ongoing maintenance needed for the buildings over time. What does this mean? That there is plenty of varied and highly paid jobs available.

Here are reasons why you should work in the construction industry:

The pay

There is a high demand for skilled tradesmen at present in the UK. Over 60% of construction firms have stated they struggle to find workers, meaning anyone with skills in the trade is desirable. Having skills that are desirable means the pay will be higher, averaging at £37,500 compared to the national average salary of £27,271.

Work that makes a difference

Construction is one of the few industries that contribute to many sectors. From building hospitals for the health sector to shopping centres for retail and tourism. This makes construction both varied and rewarding, being able to construct something that will be seen for generations to come.


When we say construction, you may assume we are talking about just builders, labourers ect. However, one of the benefits of the construction industry is the ability to work alongside a variety of people. One day you may be working alongside a fellow scaffolder, the next discussing plans with an architect. This variation allows you to gain insight into different roles in the sector and collaborate with people you normally wouldn’t.

Lifelong career

Construction is one of society’s essential sectors, meaning it will always be needed. With the increase in jobs, labourers can progress in their careers quicker than ever. With the advancement of technology, there will also be new ways to do the same job meaning you will always be learning something new.

No day is the same

No industry is as varied as the construction industry. As one job finishes another four will start. This keeps the job fresh, and exciting and comes with new challenges to overcome. Construction skills also welcome the ability to travel with work, meaning one day you could be placed in London and the next somewhere in a different country.

With the ever-growing demand for construction skills in the UK, employers are forever searching for new talent. This is where a recruitment agency like ESD Recruitment can help.

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